Bowral Road Bed and Breakfast – Review

Last weekend I had two weddings to go to, one on the Friday afternoon and one on the Saturday. The Saturday was my oldest brothers wedding and it was a few hours away from where we live, right in the middle of the bush. Very Aussie. The moment I got the invite, (because I’m a planner) I booked our accommodation. I didn’t want it to get closer to the date, only to find we would be staying in an expensively crap motel.


I managed to find Bowral Road Bed and Breakfast on and upon reading that there were only two rooms, booked both of them! We traveled down with my brother and his girlfriend and were so freaking over the moon once we had arrived. You never really know what a place is going to look like until you are standing in the middle of the room. From the second we arrived, (even though I had gone in through the wrong entrance!) it smelt and sounded amazing. There were candles burning and relaxing music playing in both rooms. Port and chocolates were just waiting for me to eat them.


There was this huge mirror in our bedroom that I couldn’t resist taking a selfie in. Next to that was a stunning framed version of the Wind in the Willows. In full people!


There were beautiful parrots and other native birds everywhere. They were on the balcony, sitting on bird feeders and checking us out as much as we were checking them out! One of my real loves for being so close to Aussie bush is the wildlife. We really do have incredible natives in Australia – not bragging or anything, but yeah.


The rooms were immaculate. I had come into the house before the rest of our crew, so was able to pick the room we wanted first. Tyler was particularly chuffed that the shower had amazing pressure. Yes, we are those weirdos that check shower pressure before we move into an apartment. I had the best sleep that night. Even better than our ‘cloud’ bed at home. It may have been that the wedding was exhausting and that I was wearing a sheer shift dress in temperatures of 4C, or that the electric blanket heated up almost instantly. The bed and breakfast has its own separate entrance so we didn’t disturb anyone on our way home. . . I hope!


We were given a breakfast menu pretty much on arrival so that we could choose our breakfast for the next day before heading out the door to the wedding. I ordered the omelette with mushrooms, tomato and cheese. The boys opted for the big bacon and eggs.


I didn’t go silly on champagne at the wedding because I knew I had to drive back to Sydney in the morning. The rest of them though, well, ha. They dragged their sorry asses out of bed 5 minutes before breakfast. Sunglasses on, holding their mugs out desperately for coffee.


The breakfast buffet was set with beautiful juices, preserves and every type of tea and coffee you could want. Warm crossiants were on our two tables in foil ready to be slathered in jam. I smashed both the crossiants on our table. Tyler sucked on his powerade bottle for dear life after his ‘tactical spew’.


I had the best weekend at this place and I had to tell you guys about it. I can’t wait to go back and chill out next to the pond again and have someone make me a home cooked breaky. Thank you Alyse for having such a beautiful bed and breakfast and taking the time to be so kind to your guests. We could not have hoped for more in a weekend away. . . Maybe a few more days though! In the words of the castle ‘ah, the serenity’.


The Bowral Road Bed and Breakfast

77 Bowral Road, Mittagong, New South Wales 2575, Australia

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This was not a paid review, nor was my stay free. I simply adored this place!

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27 Responses to Bowral Road Bed and Breakfast – Review

  1. Johanna GGG says:

    sounds like a great place to stay – I am really particular about where I stay when I go away – it makes such a difference to a trip anywhere. I like the sound of the breakfast menu and that bed looks huge!

  2. laurasmess says:

    What a gorgeous B&B! Love the port and chocolate touch upon your arrival… it’s the little details that make all the difference! :) Ah, ‘tactical spews’… hahaha! I always question whether overdosing on merriment is worth it the next morning, but then again, we ARE Aussie. We’re fighting a losing battle! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous post with us. I’d definitely look into this place if we were heading over east! Congrats to your family/friends on the weddings, woop! xx

  3. The parrot is so pretty! Sounds like a perfect getaway weekend. This makes me want to wake up to breakfast ready and waiting!

  4. So often when things don’t go right we’re quick to let people know. It’s wonderful that you shared how good the B&B was. Now we all want to go. :)

  5. TBM says:

    Looks and sounds fab. I love finding gems like these.

  6. Looks like a nice place to stay! Love the view with the native birds, and the delicious breakfast.

  7. The breakfast alone has sold me! YUM!!

  8. asmita says:

    What a beautiful getaway. The breakfast looks amazing!

  9. Hotly Spiced says:

    It’s always such a relief when the accommodation meets your expectations. Bowral is such a lovely town and what a great place for a wedding. I was down in Mittagong a few weeks ago and it was looking so pretty with all the Spring flowers xx

  10. Looks lovely! I’m jealous!

  11. What a fantastic weekend and such a beautiful place to stay. Would love to see it one day/

  12. Daniela says:

    Sounds like a great to stay ,that met your expectations.
    Breakfast looks delicious and the room very cozy.

  13. Looks like the best bang for your buck! Glad it was a great staycation :)

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