Archie Has a Sore Tummy

Hi everyone,

So sorry that I have been slack this week but my poor little Archibald has been very sick. I woke on Friday morning and began cleaning their room which is usually met with Archie bolting away from the vaccuum but he just sat in the corner. . . very still. I then fed them their breakast which we have named ‘bunny crack’ because they run around my feet like junkies looking for their fix (Flatpac once bit me on the bum because I was in her way!). Archie still just sat there while Flatpac commenced flipping the bowl over and bouncing it onto the tiles.


I picked Archie up and he was cold. He was limp and had no fight in him. Rabbits don’t like being picked up and Archie didn’t even flinch. I placed him onto the bed and felt around his tummy to try and work out what the problem was. . . again he didn’t seem fussed. Well that was it, we were vet bound. Flatpac in tow of course. All I could remember was Porsche telling me how important moral support can be. I then wrote a note saying ‘Flatpac and Archie are a bonded pair, Please do NOT separate’ because the second thing I remembered was that they can become unbonded if separated.


Archie was diagnosed with GI Stasis or a partial blockage which is very dangerous in rabbits and progress very quickly and lead to death. I was terrified. He looked up at me with the sad eyes and I desperately wished that he could tell me what was wrong and what he was feeling. Pain killers, antibiotics, force feeding, 36 hours away from home and a bunch of kale later, my baby boy was home and I have been watching him like a mother hawk ever since.


After waking up every hour last night to check on Archie, I feel like a zombie so you will have to excuse my spelling and grammar. More delicious food to come, I’ve got some special things for you guys.


Lots of love,

Crazy Bunneh Mama x x


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17 Responses to Archie Has a Sore Tummy

  1. Poor Archie…I felt helpless when two of my cats were quite ill last year.and like you, I wished they could tell me what went wrong with them…
    Get well soon, Archie!

  2. Saskia (1=2) says:

    You’re a lovely mama Cass. Hope lil’ Archie gets well soon. He’s lucky to have you and his buddy Flatpac to look after him. You must’ve been worried sick. xx

  3. Oh, poor Archie! I hope he’s fully recovered soon:(

  4. Carina says:

    Hope your Archie is alright now – it is heartaching to see them sick because they can not tell us. But you and Flatpac will see to it that he hops around soon again. Carina :)

  5. Oh no poor fella. So glad he is feeling better!! It breaks my heart when I see the small ones suffer. I wished we had vets here who could help that well. When my white jerry rat was sick, the vet said that it was impossible to know what was wrong with her because of her size. Again so happy that he is healthy again!

  6. aww poor bunneh! hope archie gets better soon!

  7. Genie says:

    Oh no! Hugs to you and your buns. There must be something bad in the air for boy bunnies but I’m glad he has pulled through. Tofu was so sick last week but is feeling much better today and ate heaps in the weekend. I always worry when people I love (be it human or bunny) don’t want to eat. It’s never good.

    We are going back to the vet today to make sure Tofu is on the right track.

    I don’t know if Archie drinks water, but Tofu hardly ever does. Never has. But all weekend I’ve been syringing water into his mouth every few hours about 10mls at a time. When there is so little you can do, it feels good to do something. Could be an option?

  8. Porsche says:

    Archie is very lucky to have such a good bunny mum, who stops everything and races him to the vet! Very glad he has made a recovery and is back on track. Hopefully one day we’ll discover why bunnies can suddenly get GI stasis, when diet and environment have not changed. For now, it’ll just be one of those mysteries!

    Hope you can catch up on your sleep! ;)

  9. aaawwww!!!!! Archie will recover veryyyyy soon!!!!! Your bunnies are sooooo cute!!!! lottssssssss of love to both Archie and Flatpac!!!! :) :)

  10. anita menon says:

    ohhh. Hope he recovers quickly. Poor archie. I am sure he will be hopping and bouncing happily soon.

  11. I am so glad Archie is well; I really hate to see animals suffer.Like you said, you can’t tell them what is wrong and why you have to hurt them more to help them sometimes,(shots, surgery, etc.).
    have had many types of pets, but never a rabbit. Apparently, they are very special. My father-in-law died a couple of weeks ago and friends wrote in a sympathy card that they were sending condolences, love, hugs and prayers from the man, the wife, the grown daughter and their rabbit.
    (If your rabbits pray,please ask them to remember my father-in-law’s immortal soul!)

  12. Daniela says:

    Poor Archie!
    It’s terrible to see when animals suffer and you can’t do much to help.
    Both of them are so cute and I’m happy to hear he has recovered.
    You are a great bunny mum, Cass:)

  13. CCU says:

    Oh poor sweet Archie, I hope he is ok now! Seeing animals in pain is just horrible!
    Hope the cutie is back to bouncing soon! :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  14. So sorry your bun is feeling under the weather! It’s so scary when a pet is sick! Sending Archie lots of hugs <3

  15. Oh no! Poor precious bunnlet! Sounds like you acted quickly and fingers crossed he is back on track. We have two dogs and they are like our children, it is always frightening when anything is wrong with them.

  16. Asmita says:

    I hope he’s better now.

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