Vegan Nice Cream Sandwiches

When I meet new vegan friends for the first time, our conversation always starts on what they want to learn to cook. So many of them found that the only thing they missed was ice cream or cheese. Sooo you guys are going to be seeing a lot more of those two goodies around this space, lemme tell ya. I have been working hard on a few variations of ice cream with different plant milks, nuts and sugars. When I say working hard, I have been eating a lot of nice cream. How cute is that name too by the way? Nice cream – yeah it is.

Nice Cream Sandwiches5

The only thing that makes nice cream better is two chewy choc chip cookies wedging them together in a tidy sandwich. Yet, I somehow always manage to end up covered in melty chocolate goo. I don’t even care, go ahead and stare! And another thing – I’m always wearing white when I eat them. I need to plan my life better. Continue reading

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VEGAN Parmesan Cheeze

I ran my first vegan cooking class on Sunday. It was so nice to be back behind the teaching bench. I love being able to help people who appreciate it so much and I feel like my skills as a teacher have developed in the last few years. Mainly it’s just my excessive love of food and the incessant need to eat constantly. I hope I managed to convey my love of all things delicious. I’m pretty sure I did. My face hurt from smiling once I was done.

Parmesan Cheeze4

I based my first class around basic skills for beginners as the biggest part of being vegan is obviously changing your diet/food. I thought about what people need to know and what they miss the most. I threw the parmesan cheeze recipe in as a quick cheese sub for those having cravings with their Italian eats. I hope you guys can put it to use too. It’s like a super food version of parmesan really. This was our menu for the night – Continue reading

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Bounty Balls RAW & VEGAN

This post is a really late and delayed process. In the past few months, my 6 year relationship crumbled, I became vegan, I moved home, I took on more rescue projects and I started teaching classes. I have been swamped with support from my family and friends and I am happy and grateful for everyday. That sounds so cliché but I am genuinely excited for my future and where this journey is going to take me. Who knows where I’ll be in another few months? Probably still here, behind this laptop screen, telling you guys about how busy and crazy my life is. Yes. That’s where I’ll be. See, something is consistent.

Bounty Balls2

I feel terrible about missing out on doing my Sweet Swap post and not personally thanking the beautiful people who catered for me. The last month has been such a blur that I cannot even remember at what point I was meant to post or what I was meant to say. I am so sorry if I offended anyone by not being in contact and leaving thanks. Your beautiful hand made treats were so very appreciated. Continue reading

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Lovedale Road Trip – Vegan Friendly!

I put a lot of research into this trip and emailed or called all of the places I planned to visit to make sure they could cater for my new found love – being vegan. We had a few misses but a lot of hits. I loved our short break away and would not hesitate to do the whole thing over again.DSC_0033

Where we stayed: The Bluebush Estate – Bluebush Guest House Room – A very reasonable $110.00 per night with included continental breakfast. Continue reading

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Menulog Competition Winners!

COLOUR Menulog logo - HIGH res

Thank you to everyone who entered but our lucky winners are –



You guys will have vouchers in your inboxes within moments.

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Soybean & Chinese Broccoli Dumplings + Menulog Voucher Giveaway x 2!

My biggest challenge with eating out or ordering in, is that whenever I order anything relatively Asian in cuisine, I desperately want to start with dumplings. It is very rare that you would find vegetarian/vegan dumplings on a menu in my area or even a bit further so I have taken matters into my own hands. These little babies are to die for and they freeze well for 3 months and steam straight from the freezer. Make a bit of broth and you are on your way to the quickest and most delicious Winter dinner of your life.

Soybean and Chinese Broccoli Wontons

I found a packet of dried soybeans at my local fruit shop and didn’t know exactly what I was going to do with them, just that I desperately wanted to make something with them. I found a recipe for a soybean and coriander soup, but it didn’t look very appetising or filling. I started soaking the soybeans before I had even found a recipe because they take 24 hours to plump up before you can cook them. I have been told you can use less time, but this involves longer cooking times and more chance of them having crunchy centres.

Continue reading

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BBQ Sausages Cake

So at the moment, I’m going through a transition period. I’m gradually cutting eggs and dairy out of my diet because simply, they make me feel like crap. Also, someone bought it to my attention via a cartoon that eggs are chicken periods. It gave me a lot to think about. Nothing positive until I got to the point of realisation that I can’t let it control my mind anymore.BBQ Cake1I am loving exploring new cooking techniques, including raw meals and a whole HEAP of convenience meals. I hope you guys will dig my new cook look :P I feel great right now. Lots of energy, I haven’t put on any weight and I’m sleeping heaps better. I have had a really stressful past two weeks with a VERY close miss with a breakup, a possible new business venture and trying to sell off a few of my more valuable assets. PHEW. When it rains it pours! Continue reading

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Tiny Vanilla Bean Doughnuts

Have you ever stood in front of a commercial doughnut maker and just watched them flop out of the pastry shute and into the deep fryer? I have. It always made me wonder how they didn’t end up in a big pile of mess at the bottom of the deep fryer. I have made them at home before, but I usually go for the doughnut hole shape and pump them full of jam. On this occasion I am using more of a cupcake mix rather than a dough and an electric style plate cooker rather than a deep fryer.

Pink Doughnuts3

I only used to have chocolate doughnuts. Until the age of 20, I never even gave strawberry doughnuts a chance. I would always ask for the biggest chocolate doughnut with the most lollies. Yeah, I was a fat kid. Continue reading

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Bunny Coffee Short Bread Fields

My bunnies always seem to have so much energy so I was inspired to add a bit of coffee to this cookie recipe because I always need a bit of extra pep to chase them around. Especially our new little one Apache, named after the helicopters of war because of his ‘helicopter’ style ears. Apache had found himself in a bit of a predicament right in the rainiest season we have had in Sydney in a long time. He was dumped on the beach with a huge abscess on his tiny little back. When I found him he was soaked from rain that he could not avoid due to the streets flooding. He was very cold, very hungry, very skinny and had a bloody abscess that he couldn’t clean. Presumably he was attacked by a water rat or a bird.Bunny Field Cookies1

Since then, he has recovered completely and been vaccinated and desexed. Soon, we will be going out to Porsche’s Rescue to bond the 3 amigos. WISH ME LUCK. I think I’ll need it. Flatpac has been like a crazed detective trying to find him. It’s really creepy. I find her in weird places, like just sitting in the shower. Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

Long time no talk everyone! I have missed you guys and your beautiful blogs so much. I have just started a job as a vegetarian chef in a new café and I’m loving it. I have the freedom to cook whatever I want to. I can focus on my favourite in season ingredients and use new techniques and inspiration that I find on my travels. Working on changing peoples perception of vegetarian and vegan food. . . even though I still have to deal with the people that think they are hilariously witty making jokes about steak and bacon. Ha. Ha. Haaa.

Cookie Dough3

As you know, we said farewell to my beautiful Dutchie boy last week. He went to an amazing new home where his new fur mother keeps me updated on his every movement. It made the move a lot easier . . . even though I may have cried for 3 days. Which brings me to Apache! You guuuuuys, you are going to love Apache. He’s a baby bunny that I found down by the beach. He did have a few brothers and sisters but they were attacked and killed by water rats. Story on Friday. For now, lets talk about food. Continue reading

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